Name: Billy

Occupation: 911 Emergency Operator

Age/Height/ weight: Wouldn't you like to know

Favorite board: I'm so bored I'm the Chairman of the Board

Skills: Walk and Chew Gum

Sign: Stop sign

Turn- Ons: The light when I'm entering a dark room

Turn Offs: The light when I'm leaving the room. What? You think I'm made of money?

Quote: “Hey! Where's my money?"

Favorite pudding flavor: Bondo

Favorite Surf Spot: Anywhere

Years Surfing: Since I can remember

boxers or briefs: I don't like boxing matches that are brief

Favorite animal: Porky pines

Epoxy or Polyurethane: Paper mache

About me (random fact): I was abducted by aliens

If I had one wish it would be: Not to have to fill out this stupid questionaire

If Kelly Slater kissed me on the mouth I would: Huh?

Best Surfer ever: What?

Worst surfer ever: Who?

SUP's?: What J Dub said

What would Devlin do?: Something stupid

If I had a time machine: I would be rich!